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Aspirations in life?

If I can help someone in life,

I'm already winning! 

I discovered at the age of 18 that photography was my thing, my passion, my drive! On top of singing, cooking, dancing, being a mom & wife of course! See, times weren't how they are now and photography wasn't the biggest career decision as it is now either. Competition these days, is through the roof! I had it so bad back then, with no one wanting to share anything about photography! About their settings, camera or locations they would shoot at. I decided last year to do better for those who wanted to shoot and didn't know where to start; because before I reached where I am at today, I can't forget where I was at back then.

The amount of love I've gotten is unbelievable! To have so many people tell ME that I, ME, inspire them! My first class sold out in 30 minutes, my 2nd class sold out in 50 minutes & so on! As of now, I've taught 4 classes, I've taught them EVERYTHING I know. I'm an open book! To see them learn & walk away knowing new things because of ME,

means the world to me.

Como se puede sentir tantas cosas en tan poco tiempo?

How is it possible to feel so many things in such a short time?

Like I said, I'm not here for a short time, I'm here for a long time!

Word of advice for new photographers?

It's going to be hard at first to prosper & get to where you want to be at, but always remember that it'll be worth it. No one is or will ever be better than you, this is YOUR art and you create it! Consistency is the key and practice. Last but not least, don't ever be afraid of change, change is good!

We never stop learning or growing.

A special thank you to everyone that has attended my workshops! That means the world to me! I hope that you walked away with more knowledge and confidence in yourself and your photography.


I can't forget about my crew members that helped me with my workshops! 

I love you guys!

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